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Panorama’s – Wolf Creek

There are 7 albums on my website: Abstract, Animals, Beneath The Sea, Scenic, Still Life, Street Life and Panorama’s. The final album I have not yet written about in my blog is Panorama’s. A photographic […]

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Still Life – Sushi

Sushi – I’ve been sharing on my blog, the featured art work from each of the albums in my gallery. This one is from the Still Life album.   One afternoon I was hungry, so […]

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Abstract – Patriotic Paint

Another album in my gallery is titled Abstract. The included art is a visual representation of things you might just pass by without noticing them but there form, color, texture and/or attraction created in me […]

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Broom – Street Life

Another album in my gallery is Street Life. These are visions of what is found during our daily life. The featured picture is titled: Broom. It is such a simple image – a broom leaning […]

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Animals – Make My Day

As I wrote in my last post, my fine art photography is currently being shown at Image City Photography Gallery in Rochester. My photograph of an eagle titled Make My Day was chosen as a […]

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Watkins Glen State Park

As I wrote in my last blog, my art is multi faceted. The fine art photo featured in my gallery in the “Scenic” section is from Watkins Glen State Park. Within two miles, the glen’s stream […]

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Welcome to my Chip Evra Fine Art Photography blog and my new website As you visit my gallery, you will see that my Fine Art Photography is multi faceted: Abstract, Animals, Panoramas, Scenic, Still […]

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