“Path Through The Oaks”, “Smoke” and “Eyes Of The Squirrelfish”

Last week, I added several images to my website:

“Path Through The Oaks” was added to the Scenic Gallery. It was taken in Bulow Creek State Park in Ormond Beach Florida. The park contains one of the largest remaining stands of southern live oak along Florida’s east coast. As you can see, the scenery is magical.

Path Through The Oaks

“Smoke” was added to the Abstract Gallery. In this image, I captured the beautiful tapestry of the remnants of a blown out flame.


“Eyes Of A Squirrelfish” was added to the Beauty Beneath The Sea Gallery.The Big Eye Squirrel fish is primarily a nocturnal animal, feeding during the night, and spending most of the day hiding out under coral heads on the reef. Because they are nocturnal, there large eyes are especially designed to maximize ambient light on the reef at night.

Eyes Of A Squirrelfish

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