What is Fine Art? To me it is an “artistic statement that when viewed, creates an aesthetic response”.

So what is an “aesthetic response”? In its simplest terms, it’s someone’s positive and yes, or negative evaluation of a work of art. My goal is to create a work that creates a “Positive” response in the viewer.

To create a positive response to my images, I first have to find a subject and have an appreciation and perception of what I see. I then capture that moment and create my perception.

I am always looking for that one moment in time that creates that aesthetic response in me. It could be the light, the composition, the beauty, the simple, the complex or sometimes, it’s just being in the right place at the right time.

As you explore my galleries, you will see that the subjects are varied: Abstract, Animals, Panorama, Scenic, Still Life, Street Life, Life Underwater, Black & White and Selected Color. Regardless of the subject, my goal is the same; to transform my vision into an artistic statement.

I hope my art creates an aesthetic response in you and that it inspires you to purchase my Fine Art Photography.

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